About me.

Hello there! My name is Marcel and I live in the Netherlands. I’m 42 years old and I am a mechanic by profession. I started out as a machine operator. After that I became a shift leader. I did that job for 7 years. After that I changed trade and became a mechanic.

I always tinkered around with old diesel engines, and I liked repairing big machines. So it was nice that I could make my profession from my hobby. I learned myself how to weld and how to operate a lathe and a milling machine. I’m not a professional, but the things that I need I can make myself.

After watching some videos on You Tube I became interested in waste oil burners. I think I build around 10 of them. The all worked okay, but I was not happy with the oil dripping out of the flame tube and the unstable oil flow over the ball. Also the tiny little hole needed for the air was almost impossible to drill. So I decided to design my own version…..the Vertical Babington. This burner has a very stable oil pool and does not use a ball or any other curved shape. You also don’t need to drill that tiny little hole (I'm using a standard oil nozzle). Becauce of that there is no oil dripping from the flame tube at start-up (its vertical), and the flame is adjustable. The burner is very fuel efficient (in comparison to other burners)