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On these pages I will try to explain how you can build your own waste oil burner.

It can run on any kind of waste oil like:



Waste motor oil (WMO)

Waste vegetable oil (WVO)

Waste hydraulic oil  (WHO)

Waste transmission oil (WTO)



You can use this burner for heating water, air or even drying you Bio diesel or run your melting furnace with it. (or anything else you need heat for)

Obtaining waste oil is very easy. You can ask your local garage for waste oil(s) or the local snack bar or restaurant for waste cooking, or vegetable oil. 
Waste motor oils are easier to get in my opinion, because the restaurants and snack bars sell there waste oils nowadays, and most of them will not give it away for free. People in my neighbourhood leave there waste motor oils from there cars and lawnmowers at my house because they do not want to take a trip to the local collection point.

This burner can be build by anyone with basic metal working skills and have some basic tools like a hacksaw, electric drill and a set of screw drivers, but a lathe, mill and welding machine would come in very handy!

Keep in mind that these instructions are only a guideline on how to build the burner. I understand that not everyone has a lathe or mill but there are many different ways to accomplish the same result without using these tools.

Use nuts and bolts if you cant weld or have taps. Use a hacksaw instead of a mill. Be creative! If you see a different way to accomplish the same result then feel free to do so!

Measurements and dimensions are not critical for the waste oil burrner (where they are critical it will be mentioned)

Enjoy this site and please feel free to make comments or suggest improvements. English is not my native language so please if you find spelling mistakes on these pages then let me know.






PS: below a video of one of the first versions of a vertical Babington that I made. Nothing fancy, just a proof of concept for myself!

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